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Travelling to Zanzibar or back is from now on a lot easier. Comfortable and safe transfers on the new speedboat!

The 225 HP engine will bring max. 18 passengers safe, dry and quick to your destination. The boat is equipped with life jackets,  radio,  GPS and  25 HP spare engine.

Ushongo - Pangani - Zanzibar (Kendwa Rocks)
Departure from Ushongo: 7:30
Departure from Pangani: 8:00
Arrival on Zanzibar (Kendwa): 9:30

Zanzibar (Kendwa Rocks) - Pangani - Ushongo
Departure from Zanzibar (Kendwa): 10:30
Arrival in Pangani: 12:00
Arrival in Ushongo: 12:30
Zanzibar Transfers
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Ushongo - Zanzibar or return
1-5 boat charter 335US$
6 and more 65US$ per person
Pangani Zanzibar or return
1-5 boat charter 355US$
6 and more 70US$ per person

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